A team of eight travelled to Tanzania on August 12th for 15 days. They were joined by a teacher from Chadsmead Primary School in Lichfield and worked with schools in the rural villages of Itete and M’angula.

Working with the teaching staff, children and members of the local communities the team educated them through a variety of sport and physical activities.

These life-changing opportunities provided the schools with free sporting equipment and resources. Combined, the team’s expertise and the vast range of equipment and resources ensured that a sustainable project was created.

Aspire To Africa 2011


Five members of Aspire Sports, were joined by two members of teaching staff from Four Oaks Primary School in Sutton Coldfield.

The aim of the trip was to deliver sports coaching sessions to the children of Man’gula Primary School, Tumaini Primary School and Mgeta Primary School. All of the schools are situated in the Morogoro region of Tanzania.


Five members of the Aspire Sports team were joined by two members of teaching staff from the Deanery CofE Primary School in Sutton Coldfield and a member of staff from Leigh Junior and Infant School in Birmingham.

The purpose of the trip was to deliver sports coaching sessions and school resources to the children of Ulete Primary School and Ulonge Primary School. Both of these schools are based in the Iringa region of Tanzania.



The six strong team worked with three different schools in the coastal regions of Temeke and Kilwa.

They were tasked to work closely with pupils, teachers and the local community in Yale Yale Puna Primary School, Buyuni One Primary School and Okombosi Primary School.

The group, which included five members of the Aspire Sports team and a qualified teacher from Nishkam Primary School in Birmingham provided each school with equipment to help develop their physical education and school sport.


Our team, made up of eight intrepid teachers and sports coaches, kicked off stage one of the Buyuni One Primary School project. With a focus on the development of teaching and learning, the team worked tirelessly to engage teachers and pupils in an array of curriculum subjects, namely maths, english, physical education, science and art.