The Active Families Programme helps get both children and parents taking part in more physical activity together.


With the aim to help improve the health of both children and parents in the area, as well as building social skills and improving family relationships.

The Programme is an eight week programme in which we deliver a weekly (one and a half hour long) sports or activity session. The sessions are delivered by our experienced coaches, with each session intended to involve at least 10 families. There is a variety of physical activities including sports, cycling, ultimate frisbee, fitness circuits, dance, circus skills, and more.

The programme also has a large nutritional education element which gives the participants a greater knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthier lifestyle.

The 198 people that took part in the 2016 programme were recruited through referrals from school staff, teachers, and school nurses. We particularly aim to work with those children who have poor social skills, poor health and fitness, or younger children with issues with physical development (coordination, motor skills, or strength). Poor health and obesity have been identified as priorities for tackling by local schools. Our project helps the children most at risk of long term poor health by getting them to play alongside their parents, who act as role models and ensure their child continues to take part in active play alongside themselves in the future.

The following report is an overview of the impact the programme had on the 11 schools and the participants in 2016. Click here to read the 2016 report.

“We have been running the Active Families Programme now for quite a while and it has been really successful. Firstly, it promotes healthy lifestyle and well-being. It also promotes a real enjoyment of physical activity and of course it allows the families to have quality time together. The programme has been of great benefit to the children and this can be seen with an improved focus in the classroom and improved social skills. I would certainly recommend the programme to all other schools, it has been a real success here and we will continue to do it for many years to come” – Mary McManus, Headteacher

“The programme has been brilliant, I myself am already quite an active person, but this allows me to be active with both of my children. When we first started, the main thing we noticed was the sport and nutritional aspect of the sessions, so we are getting active and learning how to eat healthy at the same time. As the weeks have progressed I have seen my child listen more, take on board information about a healthy lifestyle and improve his concentration whilst in school. I would recommend this programme to any family because it keeps you fit, creates a better connection between you and your children, gets you working as a team and it gives you nutritional advice that you can take home and use. It’s been great and I would highly recommend it” – David McCormack, Parent

“The programme has helped me spend more time with my dad because he is usually working or he is at golf. This way we get to play sport together. The programme has also helped me feel healthier and it’s good because we are also now eating healthier at home too” – Ellis McCormack, Aged 9

We already have 4 schools signed up for 2017 and aim to have an even greater impact throughout the year.

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