Aspire to Africa 2015

The fifth annual trip and the start of a long term project on Tanzania’s east coast.

Our team, made up of eight intrepid teachers and sports coaches, kicked off stage one of the Buyuni One Primary School project. With a focus on the development of teaching and learning, the team worked tirelessly to engage teachers and pupils in an array of curriculum subjects, namely maths, english, physical education, science and art.


Eight days of hard work was supported by the donation of exercise books and sports equipment from Aspire Sports Trust. The £3,500 worth of resources resulted in every child having their own exercise book during lessons. Stark contrast from a 3:1 book to child ratio!

An important element of the 2015 trip was to also gage further information on the schools infrastructure problems and how the project can provide effective solutions. Sanitation, a reliable water source, power, the teaching and learning environments and teachers accommodation are all major problems that securely effect the children’s education. With the help of our friends at WTS we were successful in finalising our plans to help enhance Buyuni One Primary School by 2018.

“On a personal level, the trip upskilled me as a coach and we made a huge difference to the school. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life!.”

Sophie Cristofaro

“The trip was a life changing experience. A real eye opener. I would recommend it to anyone”

Simon Pierre

“From the moment I stepped off the plane the whole experience was completely worth it. The children really appreciated everything we did for them. It puts everything into perspective”

Viki Smith

With the teaching and learning foundations laid and the Buyuni One Primary School community fully engaged, we can’t wait for the next phase of the project to get started in 2016.

Some more photos from our trip

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