Aspire to Africa 2011

A team of 7 Aspire Sports staff travelled to Tanzania on August 12th 2011 for 15 days.

They were joined by a teacher from Chadsmead Primary School in Lichfield and worked with schools in the rural villages of Itete and M’angula.

Aspire To Africa 2011

The team worked hard in the build -up to the trip and organised numerous fundraising events which were very successful.

We also helped to develop links between the African schools and some schools in the Midlands including Chadsmead Primary School and Rood End Primary School.

Working with the teaching staff, children and members of the local communities the team educated them through a variety of sport and physical activities. These life-changing opportunities provided the schools with free sporting equipment and resources. Combined, the team’s expertise and the vast range of equipment and resources ensured that a sustainable project was created.

Upon our return we received some nice messages from the schools that we worked with:

Your visit to Itete gave us new aspirations and courage for different things.

Above that you managed to add our life span. You made us active through your sport activities and we were very happy.

You are always welcome to Itete. Greet everyone at home. We are looking forward to seeing you again and are eagerly waiting your next visit.

Fr. Chahali

Itete Primary School

‘Mambo! How are you?

We were very happy with your sports training. It was very special to all Mang’ula teachers and pupils alike. We hope the trip continues to be successful and that we see you next year?

The sports equipment and learning resources you left us were great. We are now playing games because of this every Friday.

Please pass our gratitude and thanks to all of those people who, in one way or another, made their contributions to the project for us.

Thank you very much for your support.


Head Teacher of Mang’ula Primary School’

Some more photos from our trip

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